why custom bras?

the importance of good fit

As women, it is vital that we invest in our health. We often don't take into account how much a bra can affect how we look and feel. Unfortunately, a majority of women are wearing a bra with inadequate support that is the wrong size. A poor fitting bra can lead to many health concerns, including back pain, bad posture, and shoulder issues. Some bra styles can even push breast tissue where it doesn't belong, giving the illusion of weight gain (which none of us want!).

the truth about the ready-to-wear industry

The bottom line of what drives the ready-to-wear industry is just that—the bottom line. Most decisions regarding design, fabrics and findings, construction techniques, and available sizes have profit, not women’s health, in mind. Wires made of cheap punched steel often dig into sensitive tissue. Straps fall off the shoulder because construction shortcuts have them in the wrong place. Molded cups, which are less labor intensive, offer little support and can cause discomfort or even heat sensitivities. Years of wearing minimizer bras can push breast tissue underneath the arms, creating unattractive side bulges.

the benefits of a custom-made bra

Women come in all shapes and sizes with varying needs that the ready-to-wear industry is unable to address. When you make or purchase a custom bra, the fit is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. The materials and construction techniques used are high quality and carefully chosen to increase the wearability and durability of the bra. You don't have to give up beauty or style to have a bra that looks and feels great.