How do I know what size to make?

How do I know what size underwires to use?

Know your size?

Click HERE for a wire size chart based on bra size.
In general, cup sizes B or small do not need underwires.

*NOTE: this chart is based on the patterns sold on this site and wire size will vary depending on the style of the bra!
Regular weight

32 - yellow tip
34 - red tip
36 - blue tip
38 - green tip
40 - fuschia tip
42 - gold tip
Firm weight

12/44 - emerald tip
14/46 - fuschia tip
16/48 - gold tip
18/50 - maroon tip
20/52 - lime tip
22/54 - purple tip
24/56 - navy tip

What are some simple ways to adjust a ready-to-wear to make it fit better?

Do I really need a bra with underwires?

Anyone larger than a size B cup should have underwires. The wires we sell are flexible and VERY comfortable. If you choose to not use underwires you should still sew your bra with the channeling, which gives structure and support to the cups.

Can I make my straps out of elastic?

NO!!! Elastic straps do not offer enough support