general questions

do I really need a bra with underwires?

Anyone larger than a size B cup should have underwires. The wires we sell are flexible and VERY comfortable. If you choose to not use underwires you should still sew your bra with the channeling, which gives structure and support to the cups.

can I make my straps out of elastic?

NO!!! Elastic straps do not offer enough support.

what are some simple ways to adjust a ready-to-wear to make it fit better?


straps fall off shoulders


wires dig into my chest


the angles that the straps come off the back of the bra are incorrect


the wires used in ready-to-wear are made of uncomfortable punched steel


cut the straps off, change the angle so the angle towards the neck, and sew them back down - this is common on the back but sometimes needs to be fixed on the front as well


remove the wires and replace with flexible wires

Note: sometimes you have extra breast tissue under the arms that the wires dig into. This is because the cups are too small and push breast tissue back where it doesn't belong.


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