Bra Sit 'n Sew

If you haven’t had time to complete a bra since your last class or simply need a little refresher, this is an event designed just for you. The Bra Sit ‘n Sew is a one-day or weekend event for people who have already taken a bra class. Bring your machine and bra projects (half-finished or not even started) and enjoy a fun time sewing with friends. There will be no formal class instruction – instead, Monica will be available throughout the class to answer any questions you have and help you through any techniques that you may have forgotten, or even do fittings if you have changed sizes. Your job will be to have fun and sew and take advantage of having a little extra help available if you need it!  ***NOTE: you don't have to limit your sewing to just bras!  You can do any project that you would like (although Monica may not be the best person to help with that quilt!!!).

Prerequisites: must have basic bra-making instruction and have completed at least one bra.  Acceptance to class upon approval of prerequisites.

*Available for groups upon request!  Contact Monica to schedule your event!

Upcoming Bra Sit 'n Sew

Location: Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos, CA

Dates: November 17-18, 2018

Cost: $260 includes one night single room, plus all meals

Schedule:  Arrive by 9am on Saturday and start sewing!  Monica will be available for help with any questions you have throughout the day.  Lunch at noon, dinner at 5pm.  Monica will likely head to bed about 9pm, but you can stay up and sew as long as you want!  Or get up with the sunrise and start sewing before breakfast (at 8am).  Sew all day, breaking for lunch at noon.  We will clean up and head out by 5pm.

To Register:  Please email  You will be sent a registration form to complete.  Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of the registration form and fee (payable by check or paypal to  Payment arrangements can be made if needed.

*note: the class has a 10 person minimum and 20 person maximum.  If the minimum is not met by August 19, 2018 a full refund will be issued to all registered students and the class will be cancelled.