Bras 101: Basic Fitting

Learn the basics of how to fit a bra.  Begin your bra-making journey with an overview of the world of bras.   Monica will demonstrate the steps of bra fitting with women of various shapes and sizes.  Learn how to make adjustments to a pattern to customize your fit and choose the best materials for your bra.  With these basic bra fitting tools you will be ready to start your custom bra wardrobe.

Basic Panties

Get started by learning about a variety of patterns, fabrics, and important measurements and pattern adjustments for a great pair of panties.  In part two, Monica will guide you through the basics of construction, including elastic application and tips for successfully sewing knits for both basic panties and boyshorts.  Do you have a pair of panties that you already love?  Monica will show you an easy way to make a pattern from them without taking them apart in part three. Panties are truly a blank canvas, and in part four Monica will show you how to go from average to amazing using fabrics, laces, and embellishments.


Bras 102: Basic Construction

Join Monica as she guides you on a journey to creating your own beautiful bra. You will be taken step-by-step through the entire construction process, learning bra-making basics plus lots of tips and techniques. These construction techniques, applied to the Bravo Bra #2, can be used with almost any bra pattern.


Bra Theory

COMING SOON!  This is it – the heart and soul of Monica’s Beginning Bra Making Workshop delivered to your device.  Let Monica walk you through the fundamentals of what makes a great-fitting bra.  She takes a complex and sometimes daunting task of fitting bras and breaks it down, scaffolding each step to help you on your journey to success.  This video dives deep into the theories behind body structure, pattern and measurements, and fabrics.  Then, armed with this information, learn how each of these aspects interact to make the perfect combination for your perfect fit.