Bra Fitting & Construction RETREAT!

Journey through the entire fitting process in a true retreat setting!

When:  TBD

Where:   TBD

Cost:  TBD  Includes all class instruction and materials (pattern and enough of everything to make two bras), dinner on Thursday, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Friday and Saturday, breakfast/lunch on Sunday, and 3 nights stay.

Travel logistics:  TBD

Registration: TBD

You are welcome to pay the entire amount all together or ask Monica about setting up a payment plan 🙂  Please note, the class fee is non-refundable after TBD.  If you need to cancel, all efforts will be made to fill your spot from the waitlist.  If your spot can be filled, you will be refunded your full payment amount.

Tentative Class Schedule:


12:30pm-1:00pm Registration and welcome

1:00pm-5pm Bra Basics Lecture (Everything you ever need to know about bras and more!)

5pm-6pm Dinner

6pm-9pm Bra Basics Lecture (Everything you ever need to know about bras and more!)



8am-9am Breakfast

9am-12pm Fitting (Personalized fittings in a class setting so you can learn from a variety of fitting issues and how to address each one.)

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm-4pm Patterns and Fabrics (Learn about pattern and fabric choices. Use your fitting notes to make appropriate adjustments to a base pattern for a custom fit.)

5pm-6pm Dinner

6pm-9pm Cut out, set up machines, sew straps (Cut out your first bra, set up your machine, and start sewing!  We will sew until we drop!)



8am-9am Breakfast

9am-12pm Construction (Cups, cups into band – continue sewing your first bra, learning all kinds of tips and tricks to constructing a bra.)

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm-5pm Construction (Elastics, channeling, finishing touches – finish your first bra!)

5pm-6pm Dinner

6pm-9pm Fit Analysis (This is where it gets really good!  Put on the bra that you just finished and analyze the fit and construction.  Then make any necessary adjustments to your pattern to fine tune your perfect fit. This will be done as a group so that everyone can learn from a wide range of fitting issues.)



8am-9am Breakfast

9am-12pm Cut out and sew! (Now that you have fine tuned your pattern, get started on a second bra.  This will solidify your learning of construction techniques while it’s still fresh in your mind and allow you to take the next step in the fitting processes.  Depending on skill level and fitting issues, you can either choose to make another basic bra or take it to the next level and experiment with different fabrics or even styles.)

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm-4pm Finish up!  (Complete your second bra and try it on in a final fitting session.)

Now, aren’t you glad you came!  You now have a great fitting custom pattern, two completed bras, and the skills to continue on your bra-making journey for years to come!  Making your own bras is rewarding, both in terms of comfort for your body and savings for your wallet!  Of course, fitting a bra is the most difficult step.  This class is designed to not only gain skills in how to construct a bra, but most importantly, to gain a solid foundation in how to fit yourself and your loved ones so that as you change sizes throughout life you will always be able to have beautiful, well-fitting bras.  The retreat setting allows you to relax and focus on doing something amazing for yourself.  You deserve it!!!

Other questions?  Please contact and ask away…!

Ready to register?  An email to is all it takes to start the journey of a lifetime!