Ah, bra straps.  Maybe my favorite part of the bra because you can be SO creative with them!  Well, that is, as long as you follow a few guidelines...

  • make your straps completely stable - NO ELASTIC STRAPS
  • don't make them too narrow (no less than 1/2" wide) if you are larger than a C/D cup
  • make sure your strap placement on the upper cup is directly above your nipple.  so many patterns have the strap placed toward the underarm, which is almost a guarantee that they will fall off your shoulder!

In the video below I show my favorite way to make straps, but it certainly isn't the only way!  Some other considerations...

  • I like to have a simple straight stitch down each side, but some prefer to use a decorative stitch to add a little embellishment.
  • I don't make my straps adjustable.  For me, once they are sewn down I never have to change them.  Some people like the look or wear of adjusters, so I now carry ring and slides.
  • Even though your straps should be completely stable, some prefer the mobility that a little bit of elastic can provide.  You can use a 2"-3" piece of strapping plush (NOT the same elastic you use on the bottom/top of the bra) sewn to the strap at the back. (this little piece of satin plush is now included in all my bra kits and bra finishing kits, and you can also purchase it separately)
  • The most common strap size among my clients is 1/2" wide.  You can make them as narrow as 3/8" or as wide as 1".  You can even add a little polyester fleece for padding.
  • I generally make my straps out of the same fabric as my cups, but they can be made of almost anything.  Other ideas... lace covered with sheer tricot or contrasting fabric


Do you have a favorite way to make straps?  Share it with us!!!

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    On Oct 14, 2019

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    On Oct 13, 2019

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    On Oct 13, 2019

  • Gillian M Zacharias says...

    Hi! I love my first bra from the bra kit I bought at last year’s SewExpo. The 2nd one didn’t work out quite as well because the tricot rolled so much, especially in making the straps. I’m wondering if fabric washable stiffeners would be helpful? I will also check out the video if it’s different than the one in Bras 101 & 102 DVDs? Excited to see what you have at SewExpo this year! Hoping you have lots of extra wires because I plan to buy numerous pairs! (wire size 36….) thanks!

    On Mar 01, 2017

  • Susan says...

    I love this idea. I do have a question though—is the fusible interfacing to stabilize because the tricot is stretch or would you still use it if you’re using a woven fabric?

    On Nov 24, 2015

  • L says...

    Love your strap-making video – just bought 2 clappers and my straps turned out perfectly… must faster than previously – even with fabrics that love to roll and do not submit readily to pressing.

    On May 06, 2015

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