How to Use Fabrics for Fun, Beautiful Bras!

I firmly believe that ALL women, regardless of size or shape, deserve to have amazing, beautiful bras to define their style!  That is really what makes creating your own custom bras so fun (I mean, besides the fact that they actually fit!).

To recap:

- Always use the same fabrics on the inner layer of your bra that you used to fit your bra with so that you don't change the fit.

- My preference is to use two layers of a medium weight tricot (40-50 denier) for my cups.  If I use something heavier, like duoplex, as my cup fabric I really limit my "fun fabric" options.  If your base bra is designed to have a cup that is only one layer thick, you can't add a fun layer unless your fabric or lace is super lightweight.

- You can cover the band as long as the fun fabric has at least 50-75% stretch.

- You can cover the cup with just about anything.  If your fun fabric has a greater degree of stretch than the inner cup fabric make sure to trim a bit off the edges so it will lay smoothly.


  • Rose says...

    Hi Monica, just a short note to let you know that I love your DVD’s, Bra pattern and Kit I ordered from you. I am now just trying to tackle the bra making. I have done a lot of sewing projects, but this is the first bra I will be making, if I can figure out my size. I’m having a problem. But I’m going to give it a whirl anyway as I must get a custom bra, because of weight loss, illness and age. Oh to be young again!!!!! LOL!!! How I wish I can go back in age!!! Just wanted to say, I love everything I have gotten from you and all the Utube videos I’ve watched. It’s too bad I live in Canada, otherwise I probably go and take a couple courses or retreats. Thank you so much. One Happy Canadian because You Rock!!!!

    On Mar 25, 2016

  • Jeanne says...

    Hi Monica. I took you panty class at ETA and am so excited to try my hand at some sweet lingerie. This fabric video is great. I love playing with fabric and you’ve explained the “rules” nicely. For a little comedy, as soon as your video finished a video launched about how to select upholstery fabric! That gave me a little chuckle.

    On Oct 19, 2015

  • Rae says...

    Hi Monica, could you tell me which way the greater degree of stretch goes if using one layer of tricot in the cup (under the fashion fabric) would it be horizontal or vertical? Thank you for a great video

    On Apr 16, 2015

  • monica says...


    Really depends on what I am using. As long as the fabric is substantial enough, I use tricot for the lining layer and the fashion fabric as the outer layer. I always sew my bras so that the cup seams are completely encased. If I am using a super thin lace, I glue baste it to a tricot piece and use them together as the outer layer, with an inner layer of just tricot.

    I use fabrics that are thin enough that I don’t have any trouble with bulky seams. That is why I always use tricot as my base fabric since other fabrics like duoplex are so think that they create bulky seams when being used with fashion fabrics.

    On Apr 10, 2015

  • monica says...

    The stretch satin that I sell has 50%-75% stretch and works fantastically for covering the powernet! Check what you have to see if it has enough stretch on the bias.

    On Apr 10, 2015

  • Catherine says...

    Clarification of stretch satin question:

    I am using your powernet. Could a 25% stretch satin cut on the bias work with your powernet and the Bravo Bella 2 pattern? The Bravo Bella 2 has really worked out well for me.

    Catherine again.

    On Apr 04, 2015

  • Catherine says...

    A good video about using different fabrics. Where can I find stretch satin with enough stretch to cover the powernet? The stretch satin sold by Sew Sassy is only 25%. Stretch satin at another place was only 10%. Thanks. Catherine

    On Apr 03, 2015

  • Get Leslie says...

    Thanks so much for this video! I have been a fan and customer since attending your seminar in Puyallup a couple of Expos ago. First thing I did afterwards was buy your oh so helpful starter kit, and am now getting more creative and adventurous with bramaking. Also, I love what you are doing with your site (store & blog), especially all the colours. Skin tone options for beige – wow!!

    On Mar 30, 2015

  • Cris says...

    Hi! This was a great video with lots of great information. I do have a question. When using multiple layers of fabric, do you sew them all as one or do you sew them separately to form the cups and then sew them together as if you were attaching a lining. Also, how do you deal with bulky seams?

    Thanks again for the great video!

    On Mar 30, 2015

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