Bra Making Mentorship

Do you want to make beautiful bras that actually fit?

Join Monica for the Bra Making Mentorship!

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About BravoBella

Let Monica guide you to make beautiful bras that fit and feel great!

As lingerie sewing is increasing in popularity, it’s easy to get lost in an overwhelming sea of options and advice.

There is a lot of emphasis on creating beautiful garments,

while many lose sight of the critical components of structural integrity and fit for support.

Making bras isn’t just about gorgeous laces and soft finishes (although those are nice!),

it’s about creating a garment that feels great and can support you through all that life has to offer.

It really is possible to have the best of both worlds!

Bra making goes beyond construction techniques and having enough fabric to cover the important parts…

it is crucial to create a well-engineered, supportive garment.

An excellent bra is more than just an undergarment.

It can transform the way we feel about ourselves and how we step into the world.

Join the Bra Making Mentorship

The Bra Making Mentorship guides you, step-by-step,

in making high quality bras while learning skills that last a lifetime.

Getting started with bra making can be overwhelming.  How do I know which pattern to use?  What are all these different fabrics and which ones are best to use? How do I know if a bra really fits?  And what do I do if it doesn’t?!

It’s easy to get stuck before you even begin.  With Monica’s guidance, you can break through the confusion and get on an accelerated path to achieving your goals of fabulous bras.

Over the course of the mentorship, you will learn about fit considerations, patterns, fabrics, construction techniques, pattern alterations, and so much more.

The skills you learn in the Bra Making Mentorship will help you avoid costly mistakes and learn the skills to create a lifetime of great bras.

How the Bra Making Mentorship works…

The Bra Making Mentorship is a year long, online experience

that guides you through the entire fitting and bra construction process.

This course provides monthly projects, live tutorials, and small group learning

while inviting you to participate in a supportive, interactive community.

Each project can be tailored to your unique needs,

while learning a wide range of considerations from the larger group.

The Bra Making Mentorship is easy to access on all internet connected devices,

and will use a variety of platforms to access the classes and materials.

What your mentorship journey includes…

  • Monthly live tutorials, recorded for later viewing

  • Monthly assigned projects to apply what was learned in the live tutorials

  • Monthly small group meetings to continue the learning process in community

  • Monthly one-on-one fit sessions to get individualized instructions and troubleshooting

  • Access to a private Facebook group, where you can share successes and ask questions

  • Access to videos and handout instructional materials

  • A discount on products from Bra Builders


  • Bonus class materials based on group interest

Interactive community

Unlike many online courses, this isn’t about doing it all by yourself! We’re inviting you into a safe and inclusive community where you can ask questions and share what you’re learning as we grow together.
In addition to the live tutorials that will be recorded and available for later viewing, you will be part of an interactive small group session where you can share, ask questions, and learn collaboratively.
The day/time of the sessions will be flexible to fit the needs of your life and timezone!

Live Tutorials/Projects will include…

Bra Theory

Pattern Considerations

Fabrics and Usage

Pattern Alterations

Construction Techniques

Specialty Bras

and so much more!

Join the Mentorship!

The Bra Making Mentorship offers you the convenience of learning at home, while getting live instruction and support. 

Specialized sewing classes and conferences often cost over $300, which doesn’t include additional travel, food, or lodging. 

For the first-year release, this year long experience is priced as low as possible. It will never be this price again.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have 30 days to try the Bra Making Mentorship. If you decide it’s not for you, just ask for a full refund. 

Your Guide

Monica is a self-proclaimed geek, teacher, a mother to two wonderful boys (Ben Michael & Sam). She has a B.A., a B.S., and is credentialed to teach physics, chemistry, and math. Monica’s educational background and experience has allowed her to approach the pattern making and design process from a very scientific angle. To her, patterns are nothing more than complex mathematical nets and a bra is an engineered structure designed to support mass.

BravoBella combines Monica’s love of science, sewing, and teaching. She considers herself a teacher at the core of her being and hopes to empower her customers through her classes and instructional materials.

Outside of BravoBella and teaching, you can find Monica spending quality time with her family, training as a black belt martial artist, or exploring any natural area with water.